Board Members

Stella Ursua


Stella Ursua serves as President of Green Education, Inc. and at Stellar Organizational Development, LLC. Stella has approximately 20+ years of successful experience in Leadership & Employee Development, Instructional Design, Human Resources and Workforce Development. Stella led the national training function for several Fortune 500 companies, designing and launching business process improvement projects, leadership and employee development curriculums, and creating the innovative processes required, fostering continuous performance improvement and world class service.


Eric Pieper

Vice President

Eric Pieper: Chief of Safety and Emergency Management Service – Veterans Affairs Long Beach Healthcare System (VALBHS), Long Beach

Community Affiliations:

CERT Long Beach, CA 2007, Long Beach Neighborhood Leadership Program 2008



Isai Reyes is a Project Associate with Build It Green and works to educate the Real Estate Market about the value of energy efficiency along with Marcia Tolentino. Isai also helps administer a Multifamily Retrofit Program that incentivizes multifamily complexes to retrofit into energy efficient buildings.

Isai graduated from California State University of Long Beach with an English degree and garnered experience in communication and social media. With his communication skills and marketing proficiency, Isai is driven to widen the message of sustainability and energy efficiency to all neighborhoods in Long Beach and Southern California.



Allison DePasquale works as an Energy Consultant for SolarCity’s Builder Program.  She manages the solar sales process with homebuyers in new housing developments across Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties. To date, Allison has installed over 700 kW of solar energy for clients.  Allison’s background is in operational, financial, and evaluation data management for international non-profit organizations.  Allison received a B.A. degree in Economics from UCLA and is currently a part-time MBA Candidate at Carnegie Mellon University.

Board Member

​Joel ​Pereda ​has worked in construction since the late 80’s, remodeling entire homes, baths​ and kitchens.

​In 2000, Joel launched his on construction company, Pereda Construction, and started to learn about the intricacies of Building Science. Joel participated in one of the early green building/energy efficiency training programs conducted by SCE and began work on e​nergy efficiency programs in disadvantaged communities. Joel was responsible for testing/auditing over 2500 homes in SCE territories.​


Board Member

Adewale Ogunbadejo– Originally from the East coast, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Kent State University in Pan-

African Studies, with some Master’s coursework completed, Adewale moved to Southern California in 2007 to take a position at California State University, Dominguez Hills, where he completed research and administrative work for the California African American Political & Economic Institute (CAAPEI). During the course of his employment at the university, Adewale took up the study of photovoltaics at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. Since then, Adewale has developed a passion for green power, solar energy and all the possibilities its uses create.



Board Member

Natasha Dyer is a former career fashion technical designer and graphics designer who returned to school in 2012 to enter the green economy with a focus on waste reduction. She did this because she has an enduring concern with the way in which human consumption and depletion of natural resources is helping to intensify and quicken the onslaught of climate change.  After receiving a Master of Arts Degree in Urban Sustainability in 2015 from Antioch University, Natasha is now instrumental in helping to create systems on the citywide, community, and school level that are being implemented to lessen our local environmental impact through proper waste reuse and diversion from landfills.

Because Natasha thinks moving our society into becoming more “resource-use” efficient is one of the greatest challenges of our time, she is enjoys throwing herself into the work Green Education, Inc. does–inspiring young adults to pursue work in the green economy as a career choice and thus hopefully making sustainability a lifestyle choice as well.

Green Education Inc. Advisers 

Green Real Estate Advisor

Green Homes Advisor

Marcia Tolentino, Healthy Homes Strategic Engagement Consultant

Marcia Tolentino, currently the Senior Program Manager for Real Estate Outreach at Build It Green, is a Principle at Stellar Sustainable Consulting and is the Green Homes Advisor at Green Education Inc. Marcia leads the effort to educate homeowners, business owners and local government officials/departments regarding the creation of energy efficiency homes, businesses and office buildings. Her main focus is to engage and educate the real estate community regarding the urgency for creating energy and resource efficient homes.


Brian Hurd

Renewable Energy Advisor

Brian Hurd, Solar Energy Consultant

Brian Hurd, Founder/Vice President of Green Education Inc. and President of Hands On Solar, has been involved with solar energy, green construction, and energy efficiency for over 30 years, as a certified contractor, state building inspector, construction auditor, and teacher.

Brian has been a “green” enthusiast since his days at Florida State University where he designed, constructed and installed a solar array in 1976. Over the years he has been active in the alternative energy movement and has participated in various workshops and conferences on solar energy, energy efficiency, and “green” building technologies.


Tiffany Chen pic.2Tiffany Chen, Sustainability and Environmental Advocacy Consultant

Active in the Long Beach, Greater Los Angeles, and Orange County communities as an Earth advocate, organizer, facilitator, and consultant. Tiffany has over 10 years of experience managing, leading, and coordinating sustainable projects and environmental advocacy initiatives. Her passion is connecting individuals and organizations to create solutions for the community and planet.

Tiffany’s previous professional experience includes 6 years at the Office of Sustainability at the City of Long Beach, where she was the Sustainability Analyst responsible for facilitating the implementation of the Sustainable City Action Plan. Her direct responsibilities were to research, develop, implement, and maintain model sustainable programs and policies for the City. She worked as an Environmental Consultant at a Long Beach based environmental engineering firm for 3 years prior, and gained experience working with local businesses and environmental compliance.

Tiffany has been a community organizer for several organizations and non-profits over the past 10 years, and continues to be actively engaged with environmental groups promoting advocacy in the community. She is currently the lead organizer for Green Long Beach!, a Long Beach based community organization focused on working together strategically to see a more sustainable and environmentally just Long Beach. Tiffany also currently sits as an active board member for the Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust, working to conserve, protect, and restore the wetlands in Long Beach and Seal Beach.


Stas Margaronis, Sustainable Goods and Transportation Consultant

Stas Margaronis is a member of the Propeller Club, the Navy League of the United States, the American Hellenic Educational and Progressive Association (AHEPA). He is a former member of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and of the Los Angeles Rugby Club. His articles on trade and manufacturing have appeared in the Journal of Commerce, the Asian Wall Street Journal, the Baltimore Sun, the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch and the San Francisco Chronicle.

He has authored a guide to US employee rights (1982), a guide to US trade problems with Japan (1989) and won a Lucy Lang Fellowship at the School for Industrial Relations at the University of California, Los Angeles. Margaronis is a graduate of Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida.  Margaronis lives in Santa Rosa, California.

Vice President

Craig Triance, Legal scholar

Craig Triance is a former attorney turned author and speaker. Craig is able to explain legal issues and problems in everyday English and uses his books and presentations to show individuals how the legal system works and how they can use it as an effective tool to improve their lives.

He is the author of 42 Rules for Saving Your house (with David Coleman); Foreclosure Defense for Attorneys; After the Discharge: Keeping What you earned; and Protecting Mom’s Purse: How to Detect and Prevent Financial Elder Abuse (with Gilbert Fleming, Esq.)