Joel Pereda



​Joel ​Pereda ​has worked in construction since the late 80’s, remodeling entire homes, baths​ and kitchens.

​In 2000, Joel launched his on construction company, Pereda Construction, and started to learn about the intricacies of Building Science. Joel participated in one of the early green building/energy efficiency training programs conducted by SCE and began work on e​nergy efficiency programs in disadvantaged communities. Joel was responsible for testing/auditing over 2500 homes in SCE territories.​

​Over the next several years, Joel received ​a Green and Sustainable Building certificate from CSULB in 2010 as well as certificates from the Building Performance Institute and the National Comfort Institution. He continues to enhance his building and energy efficiency knowledge and skills to keep abreast of new green building practices and technology, while ensuring his newly-named company, Enso 2 Building Solutions, provides customers with state of the art green building and energy efficiency services.

Joel is looking forward to supporting Green Education Inc.’s “Green WORKS!” Internship program where interns will learn the fundamentals of energy efficiency auditing and creating high performing, healthy homes and buildings. As well, Joel will be a keynote speaker for the “Homebuyer’s Workshop series commencing in mid 2016.