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Construction complete on LEED Platinum-designated home in Tiburon

This collaborative effort amongst homeowner, architect, contractor, consultants and vendors is slated to result in one of the first LEED-H Platinum designations for Northern California. The San Francisco Chapter of the AIA announced at its annual awards ceremony April 14th that Butler Armsden Architects had won a Citation Award for Tiburon Bay House in the Energy and Sustainability category.  We are delighted to share this honor with our clients and the entire project team.




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While rustic floorboards and polished concrete have long been the mainstays of sustainable design, carpets are still often used in bedrooms for their softness and insulating qualities. Interior designer and healthy home expert Melissa Wittig helps you tread the woven path.

Environmental impact
While thermally massive materials such as concrete and tiles are often preferred for living spaces to help moderate temperatures, carpet does have benefits in the right space, offering warmth underfoot, noise reduction and insulation. However, the environmental impact of carpets varies widely. One of the primary issues is the relatively short life cycle of some carpets when compared with hard flooring materials.

Agriculturally sourced fibres have wide ranging impacts depending on the intensity of production, land and water use and the related outputs of the farm. Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) aim to cover all of these aspects, but for agricultural commodities this is inherently complicated and not all assessments will cover farm processes.
The need to regularly vacuum carpets to lengthen life, maintain appearance and reduce dust should also be considered alongside the embodied energy – that is, all the energy required to produce and distribute the product for use.

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