Green the Block

Green the block


The Green the Block Pilot, is a collaborative effort led by Green Education Inc., a 501c3 organization, along with 5 other local organizations based in Long Beach, CA., which will transform one residential block of homes in the West Long Beach area most impacted by GHG emissions. We will create the following conditions upon completion:

 Healthy, energy efficient homes (attic/crawl space insulation, HVAC system, new windows, appliances and water-saving retrofits)
 Native/drought tolerant front yard to replace lawn (to include bioswale – storm water runoff catchment system) and gray water system
 Victory Farm in back yard provides family with approximately 3-5 vegetable/fruit choices
 Community Gardens/Teaching Environment

I have contacted community organizations & subject matter experts that have agreed to partner with our organization to “Green The Block” in a West Long Beach neighborhood most impacted by GHG emissions and from local pollution sources.

We will launch with outreach and education to community members in an effort to create awareness/acceptance around environmental health, energy-efficient homes, growing food locally, drought tolerant landscaping and gray water systems, and living more sustainable, green-focused lifestyles.

The next step will be to identify homeowners within a block radius that will participate and support Green The Block efforts. We will identify homeowners via local community groups, churches, neighborhood associations and school groups. Once we have homeowners identified, we will determine home & yard improvements via energy audits, soil tests and urban farming potential evaluations.

Funders will be encouraged to sponsor particular areas of interest to their organization (Victory Farm, Energy Efficiency audits…) and homeowners will be encouraged to provide sweat equity to ensure engagement in the initiative. Local government officials will also be asked to support and promote the initiative as well.

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