Green Works! Internship Program

Green WORKS! Internship Program

Over the past 5 years, Green Education Inc has partnered with other community based organizations and outreached to underserved community members and small businesses in Southern California, with the goal of creating increased awareness for sustainable neighborhoods, energy efficient homes and buildings, creation of affordable renewable energy for all, environmentally healthy practices and how to prepare for green jobs and professions within union environments at local utility companies and with local contractors specializing in energy efficiency improvements.

Our focus continues to be on educating and preparing individuals with green-related skills, hands-on experiences, essential knowledge and the capabilities required to enter solar, renewable energy, green building/energy efficiency, water conservation/treatment and native landscaping/urban farming industries.

With this focus in mind, Green Education Inc. has created a Green WORKS! Internship program for residents from Southern CA, particularly from Wilmington and Long Beach, two cities with large areas impacted and heavily polluted by local sources and economically disadvantaged communities that are participating in the internship.

During this 6 month process, interns will be responsible for completing hands-on training in solar installations, native landscaping, urban farming, energy efficiency improvements, tree planting and related training activities that will demonstrate the breadth of green professions. These hands on experiences will be provided by our partners in their respective green industries, all experienced subject matter experts that have been performing this work for the past 10+ years.

Additionally, interns will be responsible for completing outreach and education assignments at Green Education Inc. events and workshops, and at our partner organization events as well. Interns will also attend informational and advocacy meetings in order to introduce them to the lobbying process for legislative policy change, specifically related to environmental justice issues.

If you are interested in learning more about Green Education Inc.’s Green WORKS! Internship Program or participating in the next internship session, please call Stella Ursua at 562.413.1749 or email at

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